Our Fabrication Management Team involves highly skilled technical personnel with experience and expertise on fallowing fields


Project Management for Marine & Offshore Constructions
MOC provides a group of engineers and inspectors of various disciplines to be utilised at different stages of the project. In addition, dedicated planning and document control functions are provided throughout the duration of the construction phase.

Retrofit and upgrade of industrial facilities
Industrial machine retrofitting consists on updating or upgrading technological systems and equipment that either because of their obsolescence from any of its components or performance level decrease were required to remove from the production line. Our retrofit capability covers whole spectrum of upgrades from mechanical, to hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, electronic, or simply aesthetic.

Process Optimization Solutions & Implementation
The main goal of process optimization is to reduce or eliminate time and resource wastage, unnecessary costs, bottlenecks, and mistakes while achieving the process objective.

Maintenance Services for offshore & onshore facilities
We provide personnel to support offshore fixed and floating production facilities and onshore operational support base.

Shipbuilding Technology
With expertise gained through continuous interactions with well reputed shipbuilders such as BAE Systems, Thyssenkrupp, our personnel have access to the latest technologies and equipment, to achieve outstanding performance in marine fabrication and shipbuilding. Our shipbuilding experts will ensure the proper management of our teams and the correct interfacing with the Client’s Organization. With continuous support from our office Head Management, all proceedings and reporting instances are performed in a timely manner and tailored according to Client needs.

Marine Structures Fabrication process
MOC provides professional marine fabrication services for either new builds or repairs, having as primordial goal maintaining a top notch quality on a fast track schedule, without exceeding the project budget.

Ship-in-service maintenance
We provide technical and compliance maintenance services throughout vessel lifecycle from investment evaluation to decommissioning. Beside steel, systems and equipment replacement we are able to offer a wide array of technical expertise including incident / accident modelling, simulation of cargo behaviour and risk profile either in-house or in our group of companies.

Ship Conversion Solutions
In close connection with shipyards in Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea our conversion projects range from adapting vessels to today’s requirements and regulations, to the complete conversion of large offshore structures.

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