Our Offshore Management Team supported by experienced engineers and master mariners provides the following support

Onsite Management for Marine & Offshore Constructions
From inception to completion, we plan, execute, and control projects backed by proactive planning and first-hand knowledge of contract terms, client objectives, responsibilities, and capabilities.

Design Review and Construction Supervision
Our team can guarantee the precise execution of every project.By strictly adhering to its design specifications and aiming to its safe, timely and within budget realization.

Marine Operation Management
A highly-skilled and experienced Project and Program Management team supported by sophisticated software provides state of the art services covering the needs of any project, regardless of its size or complexity.

Marine Warranty Survey and Loss Adjusting
We offer certification services for insurance warranty, or Marine Warranty Survey (MWS), for the handling, sea transport and offshore installation of large structures, such as fixed platforms, wind generators, subsea facilities (oil and gas pipelines , electric cables, mooring systems) etc.

Method Statements and Risk Assessments
We use RAMS to help you prepare your own safety documentation in addition to using them to help assess the health and safety policies of companies who submit tenders.

Feasibility Verifications, Due Diligence and Audits onsite
Due diligence is a crucial part of the M&A process in that it holds the key to the success of the transaction because it allows the buyer to avoid incurring as many contingent losses as possible after the acquisition

Logistic Management Chain Optimization
Performance improvement through establishing innovative transverse communication of flexible system, electronic communication methods and work mode, through the engineering internal audit and the internal control to the flow of the work that the supervision, and synthesizing various means do for internal process management seamless coverage.

Marine Operations Debottlenecking and Troubleshooting
Debottlenecking is the process of identifying specific areas and/or equipment in oil and gas facilities that limit the flow of product (otherwise known as bottlenecks) and optimizing them so that overall capacity in the plant can be increased.

Terminal and Quays Assessment
Supervision of loading, securing and discharge of these units is performed only after we have carried out a full finite element and space frame analysis of the structure, together with a sea motion analysis.

Tender and Contract Technical Support
From the simple specification development to evaluation of suppliers and contract clauses our tender support service could cover the needs for specialized procurement personnel. Specifications explain what suppliers need to do during the procurement process. They form a vital part of any tender documentation for the procurement of goods, works and services.
Good planning streamlines the process of selecting suppliers and ensures the integrity of the process.

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