Marine & Offshore Consultants (MOC) have been appointed by Rig Service S.A. to perform an initial survey of Asset X owned by OMV Petrom, as part of the upgrade for compliance project, in an effort to increase safety and optimize operability of on-board 6 fixed offshore platforms acting in Lebada field offshore in Black Sea.

The attendance was necessary for general data collection needed for the upgrade of drainage system (trays and drain lines), bridges radiant heat protection and escape routes safeguard as well as the improvement of their operational safety.
ld offshore in Black Sea.

The scope of the offshore survey was to physically identify the scope items and to source by visual inspection and measurement the required missing data for engineering and construction i.e. potential routes for new drain lines, tie-in locations into existing headers, required materials to be procured for deck penetration sealing pipe racks for protection of escape routes.